CMC-Configuring and Monitoring Contrail

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Test Level: 0
  • Certifications: No Certification
  • Price: $1400
  • Exams: No Exam
This two-day course is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to work with the Juniper Contrail software-defined networking (SDN) solution. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of how to use the OpenStack and Contrail Web UIs. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience with the features of Contrail. This course is based on Contrail Release 2.0.1.
After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

Define basic SDN principles and functionality.
Define basic OpenStack principles and functionality.
Define basic Contrail principles and how they relate to OpenStack.
List and define the components that make up the Contrail solution.
Describe the functionality of the Contrail control and data planes.
Gain an understanding of the OpenStack and Contrail WebUIs.
Create a tenant project.
Create and manage virtual networks.
Create and manage policies.
Create and assign floating IP addresses.
Add an image and launch an instance from it.
Describe how a tenant is created internally.
Describe service chaining within Contrail.
Set up a service chain.
Manipulate the WebUI monitoring section.
Extract key information regarding the Contrail infrastructure.
Extract key information regarding traffic flows and packet analysis.
Create various types of filters and queries to generate data.

Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Contrail Overview

SDN Overview
Contrail Overview

Chapter 3: Architecture and Installation

Contrail Components and Building Blocks
Contrail Stack
OpenStack Components

Chapter 4: Basic Configuration

Tenant Creation Walkthrough
Creating and Managing Projects
Creating and Managing Virtual Networks
Image Management in OpenStack
Implementing Floating IPs
Lab: Basic Tenant Implementation and Management

Day 2

Chapter 5: Service Chaining

Service Chaining Overview
In-Network Service Chain and Configuration
Transparent Service Chain and Configuration
Lab: Service Chains

Chapter 6: Contrail Analytics

Monitor > Infrastructure Workspace
Monitor > Networking Workspace
Analyzing Live Traffic
Flow Queries and Logs

Chapter 7: Troubleshooting

Contrail CLI Commands
Fabric Utility Scripts
OpenStack CLI Usage
Lab: Performing Analysis and Troubleshooting in Contrail

The prerequisites for this course are as follows:

Basic TCP/IP skills;
A general understanding of data center virtualization;
A basic understanding of the Junos operating system; and
Attendance of the Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) course             prior to attending this class.